Aqua Amore – WSU’s latest sustaining member

Aqua Amore is a business with family at its heart, founded by the Water Sommeliers Michael and Christopher Tanousis.
Since the birth of the business in 2007, they have advanced to becoming one of Britain’s leading stockists of bottled water and soft drinks.

Sicheldorfer becomes WSU sustaining member

In the thermal spa and volcanic region of Styria, very special healing springs are common. The Josefsquelle in Sicheldorf was recognised as a curative water back in 1956. The iodine-rich, sodium hydrogen carbonate water benefits from the current health trend and is becoming increasingly popular. Due to its unique mineralisation qualities, Sicheldorf’s curative water boasts a variety of positive health effects. It has an immediate effect on heartburn (unique content of 3400 mg/l hydrogen carbonate!) and is also recommended for respiratory diseases, iodine deficiency (0.78 mg/l iodide), gastrointestinal diseases, hyperacidic gastritis and uric acid or urate stones. This special water not only has distinct health benefits, but is also a perfect accompaniment to savory foods. Sicheldorfer Heilwasser with its spicy note is optimally served with stews, noodles with cheese sauce as well as with spicy and matured cheeses such as Bergkäse, Styrian cheese and blue cheese.

We are delighted to welcome the SMW Corp. to our Water Sommelier Union as a sustaining member!

WSU welcomes Switzerland and Mineralquelle Eptingen AG

It is with pleasure that we welcome Mineralbrunnen Eptingen AG as a new sustaining member—our first !—from Switzerland!

Switzerland has a total of over 20 mineral water springs. Mineralquelle Eptingen AG owns three of these active springs (Birchquelle, Cristalloquelle and Saguaroquelle). This natural mineral water from the Jura mountains is unique! It is particularly rich in calcium and magnesium.

The Basel-based, family-run company is now managed in the fourth generation. It adheres to traditional values and continuously pursues its goals. In addition to social responsibility toward employees, highest product quality, customer orientation, sustainability and cooperation based on partnerships are routine aspects in the daily work carried out by the Swiss SME.

We look forward to working with Eptingen AG and say thank you!

RheinfelsQuellen becomes new WSU sustaining member

Original and pure: The natural mineral water Rheinfels Quelle boasts an excellent pedigree.

Long before our time, more than 25,000 years ago, a high-quality mineral spring was formed within deposits located more than 300 meters deep within the rock.

The ice age origin of the spring has been scientifically certified. For thousands of years, 150 meter thick layers of clay have protected this pure, primeval water of the Rheinfels Quelle from all outside influences. The natural mineral water Rheinfels Quelle owes its original purity and harmonious mineralization to nature itself.

The Wassersommelier Union would like to say thank you for the trust placed in us and is pleased to welcome RheinfelsQuellen as a sustaining member.

Haller Wildbadquelle – the right water for every requirement

Wildbadquelle, Sportquelle and Comburgquelle – these are the names of the three mineral springs owned by the Schwäbisch Haller Wildbadquelle company. All belong to the same family but each has unique characteristics. Just like a real family.

Depending on age group, people have different expectations for mineral waters. Young people and those who are active in sports require a particularly high mineralisation of magnesium and calcium. Older persons place more emphasis on digestive support and preventing osteoporosis.

The waters of the Haller Wildbadquelle spring from Schwäbisch Hall combine all of these qualities in very specific proportions. Due to its well-balanced mineralisation, it offers a pure, refined taste experience.

The history of the Wildbadquelle dates back to the 13th century. The Water Sommelier Union is delighted to be able to count this mineral springs operator among its sustaining members from 2020 onwards. Many thanks!

Let it be…coffee!

A good cup of coffee is made up of about 97% water. It is no wonder, then, that water quality has a major influence on coffee quality. The coffee roaster fagiolo and the Kaffeemaschinen & Service Company also see it this way. We are pleased to welcome these two enterprises on board as Sustaining Members, as they will help us  to identify the influence of different minerals in water even more precisely.

Fagiolo wants to enhance enjoyment and create taste experiences with its premium line of hot drinks. This means offering the highest quality ingredients and the best preparation techniques. Fagiolo offers both: selected qualities such as Belgian chocolate along with English tea recipes combined with sophisticated technology such as fully automatic coffee machines from Switzerland, Spanish grinding and Italian roasting technology.

As authorised specialty dealer and service partner, Kaffeemaschinen & Service GmbH carries top-quality lines from numerous premium manufacturers in the coffee technology sector, including coffee and espresso machines, accessories and even cleaning agents. You can find everything you need for uninterrupted hot beverage service in the office, at work, for the catering trade as well as the private sector. For future barista courses at KMS-Burgdorf, the topic of mineral water is at the top of the list!

The Water Sommelier Association would like to extend our gratitude – and a hearty welcome! – to our newest Sustaining Member!

Plose Mineralwasser

South Tyrol: Plose Quelle AG also supports WSU as a sustaining member

Plose mineral water – the artesian spring from South Tyrol. At 1,870 metres in the alpine high mountains of South Tyrol, an artesian spring rises, whose special characteristics are determined by its extraordinary origin.

The family business Plose Quelle AG, still owned by the Fellin family, has been successfully marketing natural mineral water from the alpine high mountains of South Tyrol for more than 60 years. In the modern production plant in Brixen, the unique, light mineral water is bottled in its natural state exclusively in environmentally friendly glass bottles in accordance with the strictest hygienic regulations and without any treatment processes.

The fact that WSU is now able to welcome a sustaining member from South Tyrol is very exciting for us. We look forward to a profitable exchange across national borders and say thank you!

WSU sustaining member Peterquelle

Peterquelle from Austria becomes further sustaining member

In 1959, a valuable treasure of nature will see the light of day in the volcanic country of Austria in south-eastern Styria. This is how the Peterquelle company found its origin in Deutsch Goritz at a depth of 102 metres.

Over the years, the company has matured into an important traditional business based on an open and honest partnership with its trade and gastronomy partners.

WSU is particularly pleased and warmly welcomes the new sustaining member from neighbouring Austria.

Fam. Ketterer mit Hornberger Lebensquell neues Fördermitglied der WSU

HORNBERGER LEBENSQUELL becomes new WSU sustaining member

Hornberger Lebensquell – an extraordinary natural mineral water. It emerges freely and without being pumped in the beautiful Black Forest Central/North Natural Park from an impressive spring tunnel: centuries ago – presumably as early as Roman times – this was cut into the mountain by hand with great effort.

The family brewery M. Ketterer, to which Hornberger Lebensquell belongs, is a climate-neutral company. The medium-sized company is committed to climate protection. The picture shows the Ketterer family with the certificates that prove the climate neutrality of the company: Managing Directors Michael and Philipp Ketterer (from left), Managing Director Anke Ketterer (2nd from right) with the youngest generation Anna and Emil (Photo: Ketterer Brewery)

Family Ketterer invites to inform on the homepage in detail about Hornberger Lebensquell. But best of all you should taste the mineral water yourself. If your way leads you once in the summer months to Hornberg in the Black Forest, visit the drinking fountain.

Wassersommelier Union is looking forward to an interesting and fruitful cooperation and would like to thank for trust and support as sustaining member!

New Internet Presence of the WSU

At the beginning of March, the English version of our updated website went live. We are very pleased that the information and activities of our association are now also available on a global level and that we can promote the dissemination of our ideals and goals even better internationally.

The financial and time investment has been worthwhile. However, the redesign would not have been possible without specialist help. In spite of this professional support, the reorganisation has also cost countless hours of voluntary work. We would be all the more pleased if the new website was used and recommended by many people. A large number of members have already registered under “Water Sommelier Search”, both in German and English. We would like to thank you for your participation and at the same time motivate all members who have not yet discovered this free offer for themselves!