Natural Mineral Waters Europe (NMWE)

Natural Mineral Waters Europe is a non-profit trade association. In this capacity, the association advises and supports their members on scientific, health, technical and regulatory aspects. Furthermore the association promotes healthy hydration, a circular economy and best practice for environmental protection and sustainable management.  The association was founded in 2003 as the European Federation of Bottled Waters (EFBW) in Brussels, with a focus on linking all of the individual European natural mineral and spring water associations. Since 2021 the association now operates as Natural Mineral Waters Europe.

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Natural Source Waters Association (NSWA)

The Natural Source Waters Association represents producers of natural source waters. Membership includes the majority of natural source water producers in the UK as well as leading importers.

The association is dedicated to promoting natural source waters and the choice they provide to consumers when it comes to the healthiest way to hydrate. The association works closely with the British Soft Drinks Association in the UK and the European Federation of Bottled Waters.

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International Bottled Water Association (IBWA)

The International Bottled Water Association is the trade association that represents the No.1 packaged beverage in the United States: bottled water. Founded in 1958, IBWA’s membership consists of U.S. and international bottlers and distributors that produce and deliver bottled water products and the suppliers that serve them. IBWA unifies the bottled water industry and represents uncompromising commitment to the safety and availability of bottled water worldwide.

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International Council of Bottled Water Associations (ICBWA)

ICBWA is the leading authority for the global bottled water industry. This is achieved by representing the interests of the bottled water industry before international organizations and relevant stakeholders, supporting rigorous product quality standards and ensuring the efficient sharing of information among its members and support their actions, when appropriate.

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