Haller Wildbadquelle – the right water for every requirement

Wildbadquelle, Sportquelle and Ulrichquelle – these are the names of the three springs of the Schwäbisch Haller Wildbadquelle. All belong to the same family but each has unique characteristics. Just like in real life.

Depending on the age group or family, different demands are made on the mineral water. Young people and those who are active in sports need a particularly high mineralisation of magnesium and calcium. At an advanced age, a lot of emphasis is placed on digestive support and preventing osteoporosis.

The waters of the Haller Wildbadquelle spring from Schwäbisch Hall combine all these qualities in very special proportions: based on the most balanced mineralisation, it impresses with its great purity and fine taste.

The history of the Wildbadquelle dates back to the 13th century. The Water Sommelier Union is delighted to be able to count this spring among its sustaining members from 2020 onwards. Many thanks!