Sicheldorfer becomes WSU sustaining member

In the thermal spa and volcanic region of Styria, very special healing springs are common. The Josefsquelle in Sicheldorf was recognised as a curative water back in 1956. The iodine-rich, sodium hydrogen carbonate water benefits from the current health trend and is becoming increasingly popular. Due to its unique mineralisation qualities, Sicheldorf’s curative water boasts a variety of positive health effects. It has an immediate effect on heartburn (unique content of 3400 mg/l hydrogen carbonate!) and is also recommended for respiratory diseases, iodine deficiency (0.78 mg/l iodide), gastrointestinal diseases, hyperacidic gastritis and uric acid or urate stones. This special water not only has distinct health benefits, but is also a perfect accompaniment to savory foods. Sicheldorfer Heilwasser with its spicy note is optimally served with stews, noodles with cheese sauce as well as with spicy and matured cheeses such as Bergkäse, Styrian cheese and blue cheese.

We are delighted to welcome the SMW Corp. to our Water Sommelier Union as a sustaining member!