WSU welcomes Switzerland with Mineralquelle Eptingen AG

We welcome Mineralbrunnen Eptingen AG as a new and first sustaining member from Switzerland!

Switzerland has over 20 mineral water springs. Mineralbrunnen Eptingen AG has a total of three active springs (Birchquelle, Cristalloquelle and Saguaroquelle).

The Swiss mineral water originates in the beautiful canton Baselland. From one of the deepest springs in Europe, the water is collected at a depth of 417 meters. The mineral-rich Eptinger water comes from the gentle hills of the Jura mountains.

The traditional company is now managed by the fourth generation. It sticks to its values and continuously pursues its goals. In addition to its social responsibility as an employer, the highest product quality, customer orientation, sustainability and cooperation based on partnership are part of the everyday work of the Swiss SME.

We look forward to working with Eptingen AG and say thank you!