Doemens Water Sommelier Course 2020 – fresh start with new speakers

Doemens Seminar instructor Dr. Peter Schropp once again guided a diverse group of mineral water enthusiasts – using his considerable experience, competence, commitment and humour – through the 2-week course.

Maria Soledad Joost Newbery de Sichert (Water Sommelier; WSU-member) opened the training session with her lecture “Mineral Water-Oriented Gastronomy”, followed by the already well-known course instructors Manfred Mödinger (m. mödinger Unternehmensberatung; WSU-member) and Joachim Kuppert (GEFAKO; WSU-cooperation partner). Afterwards Mr. Michael Heintschel (Heintschel Marken GmbH ) was able to inspire seminar participants with his lecture “Is Mineral Water Sexy”? Finally, Marion Schropp (Water Sommelier; 2nd chair) highlighted the advantages of membership in the Wassersommelier Union.

All seminar participants successfully completed the course. WSU would like to congratulate all newly qualified water sommeliers and hopes to welcome more new members and sustaining members to the Association soon!

Celebrations for 18 new Water Sommeliers from all over the world

Celebrations for 18 new Water Sommeliers from all over the world, trained at the Doemens Academy! At the graduation ceremony, all participants were delighted to receive their official Water Sommelier certificates. We hereby congratulate the successful graduates and look forward to the next international course for prosepective water sommeliers, which will begin on April 20th, 2020!

Congratulations to the first 9 water sommeliers “Made in Austria”

In 2019, for the first time in Austria, Doemens’ modular training program for water sommeliers was held in cooperation with the professional development center Fohnsdorf. On the heels of the modules “Mineral Water Expert” (January 2019) and “Mineral Water Sensory Assessor” (February 2019), the third module, “Mineral Water Ambassador”, was held in Styria. After completing all modules under the guidance of Dr. Peter Schropp (left in the picture), Doemens Academy’s water expert, and passing the requisite exams, nine water sommeliers have qualified as graduates.


Second international Water Sommelier course at Doemens was a success

The second – fully booked – international water sommelier course was held at Doemens Academy from November 13th to 23rd, 2017 with participants from Great Britain, Romania, Hongkong, Singapore, Honolulu, Turkey, Germany, USA and Canada. All of those enrolled in the program earned their certificates, beaming into the camera during the award ceremony! Good luck to all!!

Water Sommelier Course 2017 successfully completed!

The nine-day Water Sommelier Certification Course – held for the 7th time – ended on March 16th, 2017 at Doemens. All 17 participants received the coveted certificate of completetion.

Congratulations to our newly-graduated water sommeliers!!!

First Water Sommelier Course in English language

The Doemens Institute in Munich offered a “Water Sommelier” course from October 4-14, 2016. 11 participants from all over the world (Spain, Poland, Belgium, Macau, Philippines, Romania and Turkey) met in Munich to attend the first English language water sommelier course in the world. All participants completed the course successfully and could receive the coveted “Water Sommelier” certificate.

The training program for water sommeliers is unique in the world and is held at the internationally renowned Doemens Academy in Graefelfing near Munich. Theoretical knowledge transfer about the widely varying water types and their characteristics is supplemented by procedural knowledge regarding the use of sensory equipment. There are also group tasks and field trips. In total, 80 training units are held in 9 course days. The participants have to demonstrate their acquired knowledge in 4 written and practical exams, which span all facets and areas of operation of a water sommelier.

Doemens’ goal is to convey the idea that water is not just water but a very precious natural product with terroir, unique nutritional benefits and unique sensory characteristics.

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