Doemens Water Sommelier Course 2020 – fresh start with new speakers

Doemens Seminar instructor Dr. Peter Schropp once again guided a diverse group of mineral water enthusiasts – using his considerable experience, competence, commitment and humour – through the 2-week course.

Maria Soledad Joost Newbery de Sichert (Water Sommelier; WSU-member) opened the training session with her lecture “Mineral Water-Oriented Gastronomy”, followed by the already well-known course instructors Manfred Mödinger (m. mödinger Unternehmensberatung; WSU-member) and Joachim Kuppert (GEFAKO; WSU-cooperation partner). Afterwards Mr. Michael Heintschel (Heintschel Marken GmbH ) was able to inspire seminar participants with his lecture “Is Mineral Water Sexy”? Finally, Marion Schropp (Water Sommelier; 2nd chair) highlighted the advantages of membership in the Wassersommelier Union.

All seminar participants successfully completed the course. WSU would like to congratulate all newly qualified water sommeliers and hopes to welcome more new members and sustaining members to the Association soon!