WSU certifies further mineral water brands

We are pleased to report that, after a lengthy dry spell, WSU’s Sensory Assessment Working Group has been commissioned to produce further expert reports! Our thanks go to RheinfelsQuellen H. Hövelmann GmbH & Co. KG, Duisburg, Germany and Plose Quelle AG, Bressanone, Italy.

WSU says thank you very much for the trust and support! “Also, we are pleased that we were now able to award certification “WATER SOMMELIER UNION – CERTIFIED AND APPROVED” for products from two more mineral springs who are also WSU sustaining members,” says Peter Schropp. “At the time of tasting, we were very enthusiastic to discover that these mineral waters could demonstrate such outstanding sensorial qualities. Pairing recommendations for coffee, tea, wine and various dishes were worked out specifically for each mineral water being assessed,” said the members of the working group.

We are pleased to hereby expand our Association website with further mineral water brand recommendations.