General Meeting 2022 of the Wassersommelier Union e.V.

The 11th Annual Meeting of the Wassersommelier Union with the Ordinary General Meeting and the Mineral Water Celebration Day took place from October 7th – 9th in Munich-Graefelfing.

A major highlight for all participants was certainly the new Doemens Academy facility, which was officially inaugurated in September 2022. Most of our sommeliers had completed their training as water sommeliers in the former training rooms of the Doemens Academy.

Jens Bunzel (above right) is the Senior Manager for Product and Marketing at Bad Brambacher Mineralquellen and was elected as first chair for another 4 years. Marion Schropp was again voted in as 2nd chair. Dr. Peter Schropp (above left) is responsible for the management of the Doemens Academy GmbH seminars and will continue to manage the professional association as its Managing Director. Gerlinde Mock and Joachim Kuppert (neither is pictured) complete the Board as Assessors.

According to the statutes, the Executive Board is elected for a period of four years. During the election, the 42 members present voted unanimously for the newly elected board.

Thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us!!!